Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Live Blogging The State Of The Union 2011

Here we go again folks I will be live blogging the State of the Union Address tonight! Whoo Whooooo!!!

Well the Prom Kids are being dropped of by their parents for a night of hilarity..... Is Biden drunk? Already? I love how they all pat each other on the back for a job badly done?

Sorry but Biden looks like he was checking out Boner's boner.

How much money do we want to bet Obama uses Congresswoman Gifford's shooting as a pawn tonight? Yup pins on lapels (black and white) and prom date seating.Here come the Justices. All right Obama is late....as usual. All the glad handing and ass kissing is making my hiney pucker.

And here's THE MESSIAH!!! @ 6:06. I was told this shindig was to get going @ 5:55.

Obama's gone grey again...And yup now he's using the shooting as a prop. Is he fucking kidding? WTF does that have to do with the SOTU? How about those killed at Ft. Hood?

6:14....This guy wants to preach togetherness? The same guy who's bringing the gun? He wants to share responsibility? The same man who has blamed Bush for 2 years?

Where the hell is the economy growing? Stock market ROARING back? What friggin' country does he live in? Obamaland? WEAK. My paycheck is bigger? WHO's??? With all the new costs my paycheck is the smallest in 15 years.

6:18....Change is painful???? Yes Obama CHANGE IS PAINFUL. YOUR kind of change. Oh here's the China and India love....they are all awesome and we suck donkey balls. Oh Boner does NOT agree with Obama that we are the most prosperous country in the world. He's right.

6:22....Obama talks about taking responsibility of the deficit? OMG is he INSANE??? NEWSFLASH BARRY you are 100% responsible for growing that deficit by leaps and bounds...you are truly unprecedented.

OMG he's talking about INVESTING....I feel an ass raping coming up. Sputnik moment? OMG. "In a few weeks, I will be sending a budget to Congress that helps us meet that goal. We'll invest in biomedical research, information technology, and especially clean energy technology..." FUCK!!! MORE SPENDING!!! I feel the recession becoming a permanent thing...

6:27...."I'm asking Congress to eliminate the billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies. I don't know if you've noticed, but they're doing just fine on their own. So instead of subsidizing yesterday's energy, let's invest in tomorrow's." NEWSFLASH BARRY....some of use cannot afford this shit. STFU.

OK so what I am getting so far is this... Americans are idiots who do not even graduate high school. China and India are better. That is the state of the union.

6:29...."If you show us the most innovative plans to improve teacher quality and student achievement, we'll show you the money." MONEY MONEY MONEY??? ATTENTION BARRY...we have no money!!! Race to the Top... the cute names are stupid. NCLB made the teachers accountable to actually teach.

6:32...Oh here comes the nod to the Teachers Unions...."In South Korea, teachers are known as "nation builders." Here in America, it's time we treated the people who educate our children with the same level of respect." Hey Barry...you gotta EARN respect.

Boner and Biden look like they are passing notes...or Tequila shots under the desk...

6:36...Oh here he goes on the criminal invader pandering...Obama does not get it. "Some are the children of undocumented workers, who had nothing to do with the actions of their parents. They grew up as Americans and pledge allegiance to our flag..." REALLY???? You seen any May Day protests asshole??? This SON OF A BITCH is gonna go for legalizing criminal invaders.

6:39.....Well for the drinking game we should have used CHINA since he clearly LOVES China. That's like the 5th time hes mentioned the COMMIES.

Well so where are we now...high speed rail, new technology, high speed internet for all Americans, legalizing all the criminal invaders....Show him the MONEY!!!!


6:45...Can we change the SOTU to "I Hate Capitalism"?

6:47....So he's made a 40 minute speech about how he's going to add to bureaucracy and spend spend spend....and now wants to talk about freezing spending? Oh NO APPLAUSE at all at that one. VERY quiet in the gallery on that one.

Boner looks like he's gonna laugh, NOT cry. This speech is total shit and there are quotes in here that will hound Barry for years.

6:50....Only thing he said all night that is good...TORT REFORM.

6:52.... Millionaires must give up their tax breaks? WTF? Where's Joe the Plumber when you need him.

6:56...Can I QUOTE YOU ON THAT??? "I ask Congress to do what the White House has already done: put that information online. And because the American people deserve to know that special interests aren't larding up legislation with pet projects, both parties in Congress should know this: if a bill comes to my desk with earmarks inside, I will veto it." Oh this one will bite him on the ASS.

6:59...Muzzie love!!!! "And as extremists try to inspire acts of violence within our borders, we are responding with the strength of our communities, with respect for the rule of law, and with the conviction that American Muslims are a part of our American family." Yeah like Nidal Hassan. He was GREAT!

7:01....Delusion ALERT: "Because Republicans and Democrats approved the New START Treaty, far fewer nuclear weapons and launchers will be deployed. Because we rallied the world, nuclear materials are being locked down on every continent so they never fall into the hands of terrorists." Except for all the shit Russia is giving the terrorists. And the fact that they have already said they;d back out of the treaty if need be.

7:04...Boner looks like he may just reach out and slap Barry. Biden looks like his buzz is wearing off.

7:06...All right I agree with him here...."I call on all of our college campuses to open their doors to our military recruiters and the ROTC. It is time to leave behind the divisive battles of the past. It is time to move forward as one nation."

7:09... BONER DID NOT CRY!!!!!

7:12...Well I'd have to say this is the weakest speech of his entire campaign. I mean presidency. Even the applause was weak. Bush got more. He basically said we're going to spend like crazy but then not spend. Hmmm......The definition of insanity is O'Barry.


WI Rep. PAUL RYAN to respond......OH SNAP...this kid is kicking ass. Wow Barry should have gotten Paul Ryan's speech writer. This is making me hot. SWEET!!!! This is one of the best political speeches I have ever heard.

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