Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sen. Harry Reid Vs. President Obama

LOL....Honeymoon is LONG GONE....Harry Reid is pissed. How dare Obama touch his pork!!!! I laughed my ass off today when I saw a comment from a Moonbat that lamented..."Obama hates pork because he's MUSLIM!!!"
"In an interview with ABC's Jonathan Karl, Reid launched a vigorous defense of pork, the pet projects that members of Congress insert into bills to benefit their home states.

"So you think the president is wrong about this?" Karl asked.

"Without any question," Reid replied.

"I understand it's great for an applause line, but it's really not solving anything to do with the deficit. It's only for show."

"So you're saying that earmarks will be back?" said Karl.

"Of course they'll be back," said Reid."
Rut Roh Obama, looks like Dingy Harry didn't get the memo.

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