Tuesday, February 01, 2011

How To Fix Healthcare In America

Here is MY SUGGESTION to help end the insanity that is our Health Care system in America. Hey Obama are you listening?????

I went to the clinic last year because I had a sinus infection. No doubt. I have had them before and will have them again. It was without a doubt a REALLY BAD sinus infection.

So....I went to the clinic. Uninsured, since no "real" doctors will see me without insurance. Told them this exactly,"I have a sinus infection. I need a z-pack NOW and I'll be out of here in 3 minutes."

They insisted I see a doctor. After 2+ hours I saw the doctor, he looked up my schnozz, agreed with me that I had a sinus infection (DUH!!!) and he tried to prescribe some anti-biotic that I was allergic to(which was in the myriad of paperwork they made me fill out). I said..."Just give me the sulfa based one." He did. Our love affair lasted less than 4 minutes.

They charged me $250.00. Plus 20 bucks for the pills. All 10 of them.


Kill the bureaucracy and use common sense.

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