Thursday, February 03, 2011

Islam Vs. Westboro Baptist Church/Christianity

OK, so one of the more recent trolls to this here bloggy poo asked a question and I would like to answer him here.

Muslim Mangirl asks,

"So then the Westboro Baptist Church that pickets and calls people baby-killers and fags is also representative of all Christianity then."
I believe he is referring to my comment that Islam sucks or that Muzzies are all goat fucking assholes. Or that... well you get the point.

Here's why Muzzie Mangirl's comment makes me LOL.

Islam: 1.57 Billion People
Westboro Baptist Church (WBC): About 70, mostly from the same family.

Islam: Took to the streets by the tens of thousands and celebrated the deaths of 2,996 people on 9/11. I have always thought there was a special place in hell for the bitch in "palestine" who la la la la la'd and threw candy in the air in celebration on 9/12/2001.
WBC: Shouted God HATES FAGS.

Islam: Killed 200 people injured 300 in Bali on 10/12/2002.

Islam: Killed 129 injured 250 in a Russian Theater on 10/26/2002.
WBC: Shouted GHF's.

Islam: Kaduna Nigeria, Muslims kill 215, injured over 500 and burned over 50 Christian churches to the ground.

Islam: 8/25/2003 Allah's warriors kill 51 and injure nearly 160 people in the Name Of Allah, all civilians killed.

Islam: 7/7/2005 52 innocents killed and 700 injured by the goat fuckers.
WBC: Still shouting God Hates Fags! OH THE HORROR!

Islam: Theo Van Gogh.
WBC: Rainbow colored signs of hate.

Islam: Fatwas and rioting. 17 killed over a fake Koran toilet flushing story.
WBC: Same shit different day.

Islam: Did I forget to mention 3/11 in Spain? Or the 164 killed and 308 injured in Mumbai in 2008?
WBC: Fags.

Islam: Women are treated worse than dogs.
WBC: The women ARE dogs. (Is that an insult to dogs?)

Islam: Spit on troops returning home and call them baby killers and murders.
WBC: SAME!!!! One thing they have in common!!!! Like twins!!!

Islam: Mohmand Pakistan, 45 killed, 65 injured when they are blown to bits by Islam just out enforcing some Sharia Law!
WBC: So far they haven't killed anyone.

Islam: 14 year old girl whipped to death in the name of Islam, because she was raped. The rapist got a $150.00 fine.
WBC: Had their tires slashed by angry mobs. Shouted GOD HATES FAGS!!!

I could go on and on and on and on for ages. But I think we have established a pattern here.

Westboro Baptist Church members are all scum sucking bottom feeders that NO ONE likes, no one respects and no one will mourn if they were attacked and eaten by wild hogs. They picket funerals of patriots and say things that make even the likes of me uncomfortable. They are mean, spiteful, full of hate and evil. But, as far as I know they have never killed a single person and the only laws they have broken are simple assault and trespassing laws. Maybe speeding to get away from the pissed off hoards of REAL CHRISTIANS chasing them outta dodge.

Westboro is resoundingly held in contempt by every Christian on the planet. Tens of thousands of Christians have come out and told the WBC exactly what they think of THEIR brand of "Christianity".

Islam....One guy on my blog says that not all Muslims are bad. Maybe 4 or 5 other Muslims out there think killing ass loads of people on a daily basis, covering all female humans in potato sacks and blowing up malls, clubs, cafe's, buses, schools, markets and other civilian targets almost daily is not cool.

I have seen with my own eyes, so many times, tens of thousands of Muslims screaming and shouting hate in the streets. But not one time in my entire life have I seen tens of thousands of Muslims in the streets DENOUNCING the killings, the subhuman treatment of women, the fatwas, the jihad-a-palooza, the goat fucking, the church burnings. Not one time. NOT ONE MOTHER FUCKING TIME!!!!

Look what they are doing in Egypt. Looting, pillaging and destroying their own country. For what? The Muslim Brotherhood to take over? Because that certainly ain't freedom. Even dogs won't shit where they sleep.

Sorry Camel humping barbarian/muzzie troll, but trying to compare WBC and/or Christianity to Islam today is like comparing fuzzy little bunnies to crocodiles who haven't eaten in 6 months. There is no commonality. They aren't even in the same league.

Christian groups sent millions to Haiti to help. Islam, nope? After Karina hit churches opened their doors and took in the homeless, the helpless. The Mosques...NOPE. When the wildfires raged here in Southern California and half a million people were evacuated from their homes, churches everywhere opened their doors. Mosques? NOPE.

Islam is a singular entity. No other cult on the planet holds as much hatred and disregard for human life. None.

So my conclusion is this:

Islam is evil.
WBC is evil.
Christianity for the most part not so bad.

This from the atheist. Me.

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