Monday, February 14, 2011

San Diego "Killer" Cabbie A Terrorist?

Interesting... the taxi cab driver, Sam Hassan Daly, who drove into a huge crowd this weekend in downtown San Diego @ the Stingaree night club is an Egyptian immigrant who, according to his roommate, was a nut job. A nut job who's home was in foreclosure and who was allegedly preparing to return to his homeland in Egypt.

"Dan Rose says he has been living with Sam Hassan Daly for the last two months. Rose says, "he's a pretty solitary man kind of a recluse I guess you would call it."

Rose said he feared the 52-year-old Egyptian born cab driver. "Just very irrational behavior, um I don't know if it was necessarily a terroristic type thing or maybe he's just imbalanced."

Rose said Daly called him names and confronted him for bringing a date home.

Rose says Daly gave him his move out notice last Friday. That the home is in foreclosure and Daly was leaving the country and heading back to Egypt."
Oooohhhhh called this one...when I heard that people pulled the guy out of his cab and kicked the snot out of him I wondered why...what did he say? They are being VERY closed mouth about his whereabouts. Interesting. 35 people were injured, his cab aimed RIGHT AT THEM ALL. No horn, no brakes, nothing.

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