Saturday, March 26, 2011

A.B.B.O. ®- Anyone But Barack Obama ®

A.B.B.O.® - Anyone But Barack Obama®....I have personally coined this phrase tonight. So any bitches claiming it later need to pay me some loyalties.

I fully believe that ANYONE BUT BARACK OBAMA® could be a better president. My dog, your whorish sister, a nun, Joe Biden. The homeless guy on a local street corner. The slug climbing up my wall. ANYONE...and ANYTHING.

I am at the point where SCOTT BROWN looks conservative to me.

So to those of you who think your stupid fucking principals mean shit in the next election let me tell YOU.....It's not's business and A.B.B.O.® - Anyone But Barack Obama® is better than another 4 years of hell.

-Jenn Of The Jungle aka Jenn Nunya

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