Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bully A White Kid, The Feds Don't Care

Your white kid is getting bullied at school. She comes home every day crying. You go to the Principal but nothing changes, so you call the police or better yet you get the Feds involved. Nope. The Feds could care less if your white kid is getting bullied, they only care if your minority kid or gay kid is getting bullied. Whitey just has to suck it up and deal.

"DOJ will only investigate bullying cases if the victim is considered protected under the 1964 Civil Rights legislation. In essence, only discrimination against a victim’s race, sex, national origin, disability, or religion will be considered by DOJ. The overweight straight white male who is verbally and/or physically harassed because of his size can consider himself invisible to the Justice Department."
Seems fair doesn't it? NOT.

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