Monday, March 14, 2011

Obama And Golf

I find it interesting the George Bush was crucified for golfing during his presidency.
"News flash: President Obama hasn’t held a formal press conference in almost a year (274 days and counting) yet has golfed 32 times since he was elected—eight more times than President George W. Bush did during his entire presidency."
Oh did I mention the above link was from LAST YEAR. Lord knows how many more you can add to Obama's total golf games.

So I bring this up because it really shows how totally out of touch he is with reality. America is so much MORE in hell than it was during ANY point during Bush's presidency yet Obama chooses to golf as often as possible. Not to mention the flashy parties and numerous vacations.

Japan is melting down, our economy is in the shitter, America is split like a fat lady's pants after a buffet, the M.E. is ON FIRE...and Obama wants to talk about bullshit PCBS crap like the Paycheck Fairness Act? What is he on and how do I score some?

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