Monday, March 28, 2011

Obama's Prime Time Speech On Libya

A little live blogging....

Obama's prime time speech about the LIBYAN war has just begun. A minute into it I already feel the need to vomit. The fake "I support the troops" crap got old a long time ago.

Hey Obama there are a shitload of tyrants killing their people around the world. We gonna go blow them all up too?

Qaddafi is bad, yeah we get that. Still doesn't explain why we are there.

It is a CIVIL WAR. Who are the rebels? Gonna answer that one? Sorry but once again dude, there are a ton of brutal dictators around the world are we gonna go blow them all up? We going into South America? Africa? Saudi Arabia?

It was not in OUR NATIONAL INTEREST for another country to have it's own civil war??? WTF???

Newsflash D-BAG Bush not only did NOT act alone but had CONGRESSIONAL permission to invade both Iraq and Afghanistan. 17 UN Resolutions. Your "Hey they are all with us" shit is old.

Transfer to NATO but still a war. I thought it WAS already a coalition?

Oh he wants to be clear. We have spent MILLIONS on interrupting a CIVIL WAR.

Sure seems VERY POSITIVE Qaddafi is going to leave. Already talking about new leadership. But who asshole? WHO?

LOL... yeah so he finally says it SUPPORT FOR ARAB COUNTRIES. The death tolls were minuscule compared to the genocide in Africa.

DEMOCRATIC IMPULSES spreading across the M.E.??? LIKE THE FUCKING MUZZIE BROTHERHOOD???????? Is this guy for REAL????

No greater responsibility than keeping this country safe? WELL CLOSE OUT FUCKING BORDERS THEN!!!!!!

Al Qaeda is seeking a foothold NOW in Libya you delusional nut job. My gawd. He is BUSH 2. And doesn't even know it. Ate least Bush hit the right countries. Well except Iran and Saudi Arabia and that cesspool called "palestine".

AMERICA Fuck Yeah!!! Comin' again to save the mother fucking day!!!!

Well we just spent HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on someone else's civil war because some mosques got blown up. Not regime change or really anything else... just some mosques and the possibility of civilian death.


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