Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday News Round-up 4/22/11

Indoctrination U:

Obama: Winning hearts and minds...of total asshats. OMG cutting spending is RADICAL!

Big brother is WATCHING....Apple Inc.'s iPhones and Google Inc.'s Android smartphones regularly transmit their locations back to Apple and Google, respectively...Really? And what are they doing with that info?

Texas Governor Rick Perry proclaims 3 days...."Friday, April 22, 2011, to Sunday, April 24, 2011, as Days of Prayer for Rain in the State of Texas." Atheist approved.

Gee I wonder why? "Two years after the departure of President George W. Bush, the White House has still not appointed 12 of the mandated 69 agency Inspectors General, and is leaving open slots at several scandal-plagued agencies, including the departments of justice, labor and urban development."

Oil prices. IT'S THE FUCKING SPECULATORS!!! Yeah right.

Fuck Mexico, no really fuck them. "Mexico wants to sue U.S. gun makers..."

The forgotten war..."U.S. President Barack Obama has approved the use of armed Predator drones in Libya, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday."

Napolitano are you listening? Bitch. California's criminal alien population rises....

I freakin HATE when they call someone a "person of interest". THEY ARE SUSPECTS!!!! "Authorities See Similarities to Columbine in Search for Colorado Mall Bombing Suspect...."

Thank you but I'll keep my incandescent's. Energy saving light bulbs 'contain cancer causing chemicals'.....

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