Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday News Round-Up

Patrick the starved and abandoned Pit Bull is making a recovery, slowly but surely. I have been following his progress since his starved body was recovered from a garbage chute last month. They have nailed the bitch responsible and I think she'll be paying for it.

Leftist thugs are calling for a Trash Dump Party at Boehner's residence if the Fed shuts down. New Tone indeed.

More of that New Tone...."Rep. Louise Slaughter: GOP Freshmen Came to Washington 'To Kill Women..." Fugly bitch.

Rio school shooter....turns out he was a muzzie. SHOCKING!

Interesting....Judge Joe Dale Walker of Mississippi's Chancery Court of the Thirteenth District issued an order on March 23, 2011, requiring school attendance officers to provide him with the names and addresses of all home schoolers in the district.

Another Moonbat threatens Republican with death.

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