Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Jew Haters Unite! It's COINTELPRO!!!! OYE!

I love when Jooooo hating, Paultard douche bags tell me I am going to hell.....This was my FUN TIME tonight!

Jackie Joooo Hater: It isn't the Muslims who are destroying America. Follow the money. Who owns the Fed, controls ALL US media, Hollywood, and has the biggest lobbying group in DC. I hope you turn off that COINTELPRO station, FUX, and figure it out before all is too late. 40 minutes ago

Jackie Jooo Hater: The Muslims are the red herring. And you are all under seriously false propaganda. I used to be also.....39 minutes ago

Jenn Nunya: Jackie are you seriously blaming the "joooo's"? 36 minutes ago ·

Robert Nunya: Jackie I sure hope that is not who you may have been referring to. If you were referring to the far left yes I agree and they are allied in many facets with Muslims right now. 33 minutes ago

Jenn Nunya: Of course that is who she is referring to. All the "cointelpro" nutters loathe the joooooooos.30 minutes ago

Jackie Joooo Hater: I am referring to Zionists, who are not real Jews. They are the devious people spoken of in Revelations 2:9...those who call themselves Jews, but are the synagogue of Satan. I suggest you do some real research on who controls the nation that today calls itself Israel. That land was given to the Nazis after WWII. Research the Nazi-Zionist transfer agreement and Operation Paperclip.

Jenn Nunya: Yawn. Joooooo hater.26 minutes ago

Jackie Jooo Hater: Yawn....Arab hater.25 minutes ago

Jenn Nunya: NO idiot. ISLAM hater. I loathe cults. Tell you what when you sit down and interview Bridgett Gabriel and she tells you what it is like growing up with them get back to me. 23 minutes ago 

Jackie Joooo Hater: Or just turn on your television. They own all your stations and control your mind, and pervert your children with filthy television so your daughters will grow up to be sluts like Miley Cyrus and all the rest.

Jackie Joooo Hater: The nation of Israel is guilty of the most heinous acts against humanity. Christian Zionism is heresy, and Israel worship is treason. You have been warned, and you will be judged by God for your allegiance with these Satanic people.

Jenn Nunya: You are privy to how many men Miley Cyrus sleeps with? Sorry but unlike you I don't DO mind control. 21 minutes ago

Jenn Nunya: Good thing I am a godless atheist. 21 minutes ago

Jackie Jooo Hater: Doesn't surprise me, actually. 21 minutes ago

Jackie Jooo Hater: Because the Zionists control the Department of Education, too. And have brainwashed you to believe into the total lie of macro-evolution.

Jenn Nunya LOL. Yeah whatever. Deny reality. It's what people like you specialize in. 14 minutes ago

Jackie Joooo Hater: Are you kidding me? You ignore the trillions in debt the Zionist-controlled FED has destroyed America with, you ignore the obvious agenda to demoralize by the press...all Zionist Jew-owned. Oh, and Hollywood too.....You ignore that ALL Obama's appointees are Zionist Jews and dual-Israeli citizens.....but yet cry the MOOSLIMS are coming to get you!!! What a moron, you are!!! 12 minutes ago

Jackie Joooo Hater: And I bet you say Barack is a MOOSLIM too, even though he keeps up wars killing all his "brothers" and gives over 6 billion to Israel a year....and blocked the vote against Israel at the UN....UNBELIEVABLE. Your kind of ignorance is why this madness will never end, and America is finished. 11 minutes ago

Jenn Nunya: Ah sweetheart your Jooooo hatred is shining through. But don't fret they self hate enough for all you COINTELRPO/ZIONIST CONSPIRACY nut jobs. 10 minutes ago

Jackie Jooo Hater: Keep worshiping the Nazi Reich. Your tax money funds the biggest concentration camp, the Gaza strip....but were next, idiot. The Zionist rabbis proudly proclaim that we gentiles are just donkeys to do their work......you all are going to get what you have coming for supporting this genocide. 8 minutes ago

Jackie Jooo Hater: How sad that all Jenn can say is her usual "programmed" response from FUX news....."Conspiracy nuts", Joo Hater. Go back to your leader Bill O'Reilly, you pathetic sheep. 6 minutes ago

Jenn Nunya LOL....you mean the real RED HERRING's, the "palestinians"? The cast off a-rabs no one really gives a crap about but uses as a tool to kill Jooooooo'S? LOL. Bah Bah Paultard. 5 minutes ago

Jackie Jew Hater: You are a murderous piece of trash. Enjoy hell. I'm out of here. The blood of those Palestinian children is on your hands, and I hope God has more mercy on you than I ever would. The blood of all those killed in 9/11 by the Zionists is also on your hands. Adios, Becktard. 3 minutes ago

Jenn Nunya: LOL....who's spewing talking points sweetheart? I don't watch either, clearly you do. I love it when good Christians like you tell me I am going to HELL. Makes me sleep well at night knowing I'm doing something right. Take your Joooo hate and shove it up your.....a few seconds ago 

Paultard.  Best part is most of these dumb asses have no idea what COINTELPRO means. It means.....Counter Intelligence Program.....that is EVIL!

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