Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kobe Bryant's Homophobic Slur?

Look....calling a gay person a faggot is not nice. At all. It's the N word of the gay community. Don't be an asshole and call them fags. It's not nice and it makes you look like an asshole. Really it does.

That being said....when Kobe Bryantcalled a ref a faggot during a game Tuesday night was not using a "homophobic slur", the ref was not gay and it had nothing to do with homophobia. Freakin' the fuck out about it and calling the PC police is idiotic in the extreme. Should he have used that word?'s one of those ugly words. Like nigger or kike, flip, honky, gook etc etc. Just not neccasary but fining the guy $100,000??? Fuckin' A.

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