Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate And Racism

I have been at work and in meetings all day and unable to post until now about the whole birth certificate "thing".

Obama allegedly released his long form birth certificate today. I say allegedly because he released a birth certificate a while back that was posted on KOS and "certified" as the real deal by the Dems and it turned out to be a fake. Just saying.

So good he finally released a small little teeny tiny part of his past. Can we move on?

Well apparently we can't. Apparently because Obama is a fucking "African-American" it's racist to even give a fuck if he's eligible to be president. John McCain had to prove his eligibility and then some. But Barry? He get's a pass because he has more melatonin in his skin than I do. Now THAT is racist.

LET ME BE CLEAR....And I address this to those of you who think I did not vote for Obama because his worthless fucktard of a Dad who couldn't give a shit about him happened to be black.

IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE. NOT RACE. NOT RACE. NOT RACE. NOT RACE. NOT RACE. NOT RACE. NOT RACE!!!!!!! It's his opaqueness. His secrecy. His ego. His vile "friends" like Ayers and Sharpton, Wright and so many more. It's his hatred for capitalism. His disdain for middle America. His numerous expensive vacations and parties on MY FUCKING DIME. It's his being awarded a "Peace Prize" when he's divided a nation like never before and him winning it for HIS RACE. It's his supercilious attitude. Libya, NO drilling, bailouts, OBAMACARE, Gitmo and CZARS. It's his arugula personality.

I couldn't give a flying fuck if he were a one armed, 3 foot high, green female hooker from MARS. It's HIM. The person he shows daily which I suspect is only a beard for the real mess inside. HIM HIM HIM. So to all you race card playing fucks eat shit and die. Race has nothing to do with this.

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