Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trig Palin Hate

Oh for the love of all that's unholy. Is there no level too low for the scum of the left to sink? Wonkette a darling blog of the left has sunk to new lows.

"Wankette “writer” Jack Steuf decided it would be “fun” to mark Trig Palin’s third birthday by posting a “funny” post calling the child “retarded,” demaning Trig’s intelligence as America’s “great gentleman scholar,” Saying that Todd Palin molested his own daughter and that resulted in Trig’s birth, saying that the child can’t dream because “he’s retarded,” making fun of Trig’s sister, Piper, for loving the boy, and saying that because he has Down’s Syndrome, Trig is only “somewhat alive.”"
Sick fucks. The Wonkette herself stands by the post.

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