Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kokesh and Benjamin Get A Beat Down

Anarchy is not the foundation of our Constitutional Republic governed by the rule of law. -Some dude on Youtube.

The fake "I didn't hear" crap and the open hostility from the Code Pinkers and Kokesh makes me sick. Sorry but if you want to call me a defender of the NAZI POLICE then do so. The police warned them repeatedly and they KNEW they were breaking the rules to begin with. The police were VERY calm and VERY well skilled. I was impressed. Medea standing behind the cop AS he told them to please not do this and laughing as she began to dance in protest shows them to be the rule breaking fucks we all know they are. Sorry but that bitch has given material support to terrorists sand I have no problem with her going down. Same with Kokesh.

We are a nation of laws. Of rules. TWICE the courts deemed the Jefferson Memorial to be a place of retrospection NOT of dance. THEY chose to ignore this.

What the fuck is next? Huh? Freedom of Speech...does it include pissing on the Tomb of the Unknown? Dancing a jig on the Vietnam War Memorial? Does it include screaming FIRE in a crowded theater? There are rules and laws for a reason and these stupid fucks openly chose to ignore them and for that they were arrested.


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