Thursday, May 05, 2011

Obama At Ground Zero

I think of all the stunts this Administration has pulled and find that this "victory lap" at Ground Zero is the most vile, disgusting and classless of all Obama's campaign stops ever.

He has NO moral compass at all.

Obama spit at Bush for years. Screamed that what he did was wrong, then did it himself WITHOUT congressional approval(Libya anyone?). Decried enhanced interrogation(then reaped it's rewards). Call on Bush to be more open, to release Gitmo and Abu Ghraib pictures(then hides all evidence of the death of America's most wanted?) He has ignored our troops, threw lavish parties and has help flush this country down the toilet.

Now he wants to stand on the graves of nearly 3,000 Americans so he can have his moment in the sun. Vomit worthy. And I will not watch it.

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