Monday, May 30, 2011

Obama Golfs Again

We are at war...more wars than when Bush was in office and if we had followed Bush's plans we'd be out of Iraq. Obama is sending additional troops there even now as I type this.

The economy is a fucking mess from hell.

The entire middle of the country is either under water or ripped to shreds.

"I don't want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf. I feel I owe it to the families to be as -- to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal." -President George W. Bush

Obama.....Goes Golfing on Memorial Day....

Do I begrudge a President the right to some downtime? No. But between the lavish parties, extensive travel, the cost of his wife's very tacky wardrobe, his economic decisions and vast expansion of the national debt and golfing...I fail to see when Obama has any UP time.

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