Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tornadoes Rip Through Midwest Joplin Hit Hard

"Tornadoes ripped through parts of the Midwest on Sunday killing at least one person in Minneapolis and an unknown number of others in a Missouri town where a hospital was damaged.

Damage was widespread across the south side of Joplin, Mo., John Campbell, operations director for the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency, confirmed fatalities have been reported, but he did not yet have an exact number or specifics."
Death totals are going up by the minutes. Sending my fellow Americans all my love.

Footage of the devastation....I await the Hollywood fundraisers.

UPDATED: Reports of LOOTING: "Rescue and cleanup crews are being protected by Minneapolis Police on the north side of the city as a curfew is in effect. There were also reports of gunfire and looting in storm-damaged sections of the north side Sunday."

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