Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Week In News

Oh my it's been a long week already and the bitch ain't over.

Netanyahu opens a can of WUP ASS on Barry's "peace plan".


Obama's time is up on his little war in Libya will he obey the LAW or ignore it and carry on?

Now THIS is real American ingenuity.

The Unabomber was the mastermind behind the big Tylenol scare?

Our buddies in China are so NOT our buddies.....China Gives Pakistan 50 Fighter Jets...

According to some the world will end on Saturday so who the fuck cares about all this shit?

Looks like Obama lost a Fonda vote.

Isn't this cute....a Yemeni gas station owner living here in the Good Ol' USA has decided to name his gas station...Obama. No really he did.

Oh NO THEY DON'T...Federal and state officials are mulling over an idea for a new tax that would be assessed based on how much you drive.....FUCK THAT.


Mark Levin opens a can of WUP ASS on MSNBC: On a side note. I really like Neil Cavuto. This is in reference to Newt's "Food Stamp President" comments.

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