Monday, June 13, 2011

Live Blogging CNN Debate

Sorry I'm late I was busy celebrating capitalism by being one of only 70% of Californians employed. Refresh the page to get updates.

Just came in on Michelle Bachmann calling herself the Tea Party Queen.

Now Ron Paul is rambling about our jobs being shipped overseas. He has a point but he looks crazy saying it.

Pawlenty just looks lost but he's nailed it on Obamacare, it's a biz killer.

Bachmann back again on our business killing biz taxes. Just bitch slapped the EPA. "We've got to bring down the corporate tax rate to one of the lowest in the world. What we need to do is pass the mother of all repeal bills. I would begin the EPA - it should be called the job killing organization of America." -M. Bachmann

Here's NEWTY....Ignored the bait the commentator threw out and addressed the right to work issue. Right to work trumps unions. Amen.

Herman Cain...kinda says the same thing 4 times in a row with slightly different words. I still think he is out of his league.

Leno or Conan???? That's a question? LAME.

Ron Paul on government intervention in private business is spot on. It's not their JOB.

Herman Cain on TARP: Government "picking winners and losers" is wrong. There is "no such thing as too big to fail".

Romney on the bail out: "It was NOT a success". His hair scares me. Go away Romney. "17 billion dollars was wasted, then Obama gave the money to the UAW", good point.

Santorum: The bail outs were "all a gift to the unions".

Bachmann: I was always against TARP. But was she in office then?

Gingrich on Space Program: We should have made it a private enterprise, NOT a government program. Amen brotha. Most government funded crap should be privatized. "We are NOT a developed country... NASA is standing in the way of progress, instead of allowing innovation." -Gingrich

Pawlenty is the LONE supporter of NASA. But suggests only scaling it back and privatizing it. Oh now Newt agrees.

Herman Cain on food safety: "I want to go back and talk about the housing crisis." LOL. Food safety was not on his list of topics.

Romney on FEMA: "Instead of thinking what we should cut, we should think of what we should keep." True. But in the end it will yield the same results.

Gingrich picks American Idol over Dancing with the Stars.

Pawlenty is a supporter of the Ryan Plan.

Gingrich on the defense on his harsh words on Medicare/Ryan's Plan. Not paying "crooks".

Santorum: Loves The Ryan Plan. Is it just me or does Santorum look like a stand up comedian? Like he should have his own stand-up show? He nailed it on the Medicare/Medicaid question.

Did the moderator just call Herman Cain....Mr. McCain? On a side note Jon King is a CRAPPY ASS moderator.

Romney on the raising of the debt ceiling..."Not going to happen". "Obama has failed the American people." "At some point you hit a wall...the dollar is not worth anything anymore...Mr. President, lay down plans to balance this budget."

Anyone else think Rick Perry should be here?

Bachmann skirts the issue of letting us default. Then calls Obama out HARD CORE. Oh SNAP. Obama refused to raise the debt ceiling under Bush now wants to raise it....FAIL.

Separation of church and state. Pawlenty hits it...not freedom from but of. Love his answer.

Santorum says if your faith is pure and your reason is right you end up at the same place.

Paul says we should all have a moral fiber...yet he hangs out with Alex Jones...sorry charlie.

Herman Cain on hiring a muzzie....He is not comfortable. He does not believe in Sharia law in our courts. Jon King just tried to put words in his mouth. Oh BS. He wants people committed to the constitution. Why the hell would you ask a Christian or a Jew the same questions you would a muzzie????

Romney says people of all faiths are welcome in this country. But kinda said the same thing Cain did.

Gingrich then BITCH SLAPS them. He's right...muzzies lie. He truly said what we are all thinking. No muzzies in the government.

Bachmann: "I do believe marriage is between a man and a woman." 23 foster children into her home??? Holy crap? Best answer of the night..."I don't think it's my job to go into the states and interfere with state law."

Paul: "I don't think the government should be giving us a license to marry." I agree.

Santorum: We should have one law of the land.

Don't ask don't tell being banned....repeal or leave in effect(the ban)?
Cain: Repeal.
Pawlenty: Repeal.
Paul: Who cares.
Romney: Repeal.
Gingrich: Repeal.
Bachmann: Repeal.

All agree on abortion....sanctity of life. Period.

Bachmann thinks if you are raped you should have your baby. Fuck that. Pawlenty thinks a woman who is raped, incest, her life is in danger she should be allowed to have an abortion. There ya go.

Immigration...Santorum...Big supporter of LEGAL immigration no more government services for illegals. Amen.

Paul on immigration....Protect our borders not Iraq or Afghanistan...Hospitals should not be forced to give care. Someone drank a cup of crazy.. he should have stopped after the first sentence.

Cain: "The states need to do what the federal government can't do, hasn't done and won't do."

Pawlenty..."Let the states do it!" Birthright citizenship needs to go.

Gingrich: "Obama didn't even try because he knew he could not do it." NO on comprehensive immigration reform. Control the border. Oh LOVE IT!!!! "There are human practical steps to solve this problem."..."No serious citizen should get trapped into a yes/no answer."

Paul on imminent domain..."No we should not have the power to take land and transfer it to a private industry..."

Pawlenty Coke or Pepsi..COKE. Ooopps.

Libya...Bachmann..."The President was wrong." "We were not attacked." "We to this day do not know who the rebel forces are."

Gingrich on Libya..."The price tag is always a factor....10 years after 9/11 our intelligence is so inadequate that we have no idea how many of the rebels are Al Qaeda."

Herman Cain: His grandmother says it's a bad idea.

Santorum on "terrorists": "We need to have bases around the world to confront the threat."

Pawlenty on VP picks.....Biden sucks donkey balls. Palin is a remarkable leader.

Romney..."Anyone on this stage would be a better president than Obama."

Paul has to pick join his administration....has to do some more quizzing. LOL it was funny.

Was there a clear winner tonight? NO way. I like Bachmann a bit better now. Santorum decent. Pawlenty rather strong. Romney as always the salesman. Paul, civilized yet crazy. Cain is still weak. Sorry not my favorite. Jon King as a moderator...donkey ball suckage.

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