Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cash For Cats

I actually like this idea on several levels.

"Should cats be treated like dogs, when it comes to licensing and immunization requirements?

The San Diego city auditor's office recommends doing just that -- for the sake of health, safety and "cost recovery" for taxpayers.

According to formulas used by the Humane Society of the United States, there are an estimated 373,000 cats in San Diego.

If just 5 percent had been registered at $25 a head, the auditor's office says the city could have saved $536,000 over the past three fiscal years.

Cat owners say the idea defies logic and accounting principles."
1.) Screw cat owners. Why the hell should I have to pay to license my dog and their cats get away scott free?
2.) Cat owners seem to think their are no rules applied to them. They scream bloody murder about a pile of dog poop left behind but have NO problem letting their cat out every day to poop in the sandbox at the park.
3.) It would cut back on the massive hoarding issue some cat owners seem to think is OK.
4.) It would pay for the upkeep up the thousands of cats left abandoned by the many many irresponsible cat owners out there who seem to think spaying and neutering if for the dogs.

All in all I like it.

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