Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Fake Atheists Threaten To Sue...Again

Look, I am a FLAMING atheist. I do not believe in a book written by the ever so fallible man.

That being said I have also made it clear numerous times that I have absolutely NO issue with those who have faith. Except for Muzzies. They want to kill me. We all KNOW that.

These scum sucking leftist bags of dog excrement give people like me a bad bad name....

"Ralph Gullickson never found his firefighter brother's remains after 9/11. All he has is a street sign honoring him - and now a city atheist group wants to take it away.

The Manhattan-based NYC Atheists are demanding the city change the name of a Brooklyn block christened "Seven in Heaven Way" in honor of seven area firefighters killed in the Sept.11 attacks."
These are not atheists. These are people who have made hate, real hate, a religion.

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