Thursday, July 07, 2011

"Mexican" Guy Executed

Tonight Gov. Rick Perry ignored the pandering Obama and executed a criminal invader who had been in this country ILLEGALLY for almost his entire life. This bottom feeder made no effort to ever become a legal citizen. He kidnapped a 16 year old, BRUTALLY raped her, abused her, beat her and strangled her to death. He was 21 when he committed this heinous crime, surely old enough to know right from wrong. He was found guilty in a court of law. He was sentenced to death.

His last words on this earth after all of this were: "VIVA MEXICO".

And somehow we were supposed to spare him because he wasn't given "access" to the Mexican consulate EVEN THOUGH HE WAS HERE OF HIS OWN ACCORD for pretty much his entire life???

Fuck him. And good riddance. Thank you Gov. Perry for ridding the world of this POS.

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