Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oslo Murders: Andrew Berwick And Multiculteralism

I've read some of Andrew Berwick's manifesto and watched his 12 minute video. From the comments on the site that has the full Andrew Berwick Manifesto:

"The point of this tragedy is that white people, through political correctness, crushed discourse on their own demise.

People want to talk about what's happening to Europe. Europeans want to be European, not mixed-race and culture-less. Most Americans, white or black, feel the same way.

Nobody wants to become The Gray Race.

Berwick targeted those who stifle discourse on rising European nationalism: the European left.

It doesn't make sense to blame Muslims in Europe, or blacks and Hispanics in America, for the crisis of diversity.

Diversity itself is the problem. Diversity -- of any form: religion, class, race, ethnic group, even values -- is destructive. The Romans and Greeks both found this out. As their empires grew, they experimented with diversity. It was at its peak when they collapsed." Via Brett S.
He has a valid point. One that cannot be ignored.

That being said, Berwick chose, instead of rational discourse, to slaughter nearly 100 of HIS OWN PEOPLE. Purportedly to send a message that will be lost on people like myself who look at him and see nothing but a sick vile monster. Let me be VERY clear, I find him REPELLANT. I look at that face and see a cockroach in need of a boot heal. I do NOT see a leader. Those of you seeking to glorify him can go elsewhere. I may loathe socialism and political correctness, but I loathe the Andrew Berwicks of the world even more. LOATHE. He makes me sick.

I look at the pictures of the innocent people of Norway leaning over the bloody lifeless bodies of their children this monster killed in cold blood and my heart weeps for them. Weeps.

To the people of Norway, today and forever more you will be in my thoughts. Please accept my most sincere and most heartfelt condolences on your horrific loss. May you find peace soon and may you know that many of us across the globe share your pain and wish we could do more.

I will never forget. Bless them all. 7/22/11

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