Monday, August 01, 2011

Frank The Dog

For those of you who are curious...There is a link to the right hand side collecting donations for Frank The Dog.

This is Fwankie and the Christmas card MY dog sent him last year. As you can see, Birdy just LOVES him. He was neutered far too young and he needs surgery to fix it. That is what we are raising money for. Help if you can. If not, then you are a heartless piece of worthless shit who should just go fuck yourself. : )

I have known his "Momma" for years and years. She is a tireless advocate for animals and has opened her home to endless fosters and homeless pups in need of care and love. Beside Frank, she also has another spotty kid who has seizures and is deaf. That does NOT slow him down...he is a huge love, who has taken it upon himself to be a kind of ambassador to all the foster dogs who go through.

I may appear to be a totally heartless bitch from hell but when it comes to fur love is endless.

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