Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday News Round Up And My Thoughts

Happy NON Politically Correct Halloween
So....I am driving home from up north the other day and I took my little shortcut through UCSD. Their "Student Center" is this nasty ass old mish-mash of shacks that have been painted with a veritable cornucopia of Leftist Propaganda. On top of the roof, made of old nasty taps is a big sign that says...."OCCUPY SD". they want to just live here in this city? Do they want to occupy the government of San Diego? I mean call me confused but if they live here aren't they already occupying SD? Just saying.

James O'Keefe is at it again....WOW. H/T Ace of Spades.

Why the fuck is a 7 year old BOY child pretending to be a girl? He's 7. He should not even know about sex or sexuality. "Girl Scouts Allow 7-Year-Old Boy to Join Because He is ‘Living Life as a Girl’" WTF is wrong with this world?

Rush Limbaugh is worse than Al Qaeda. No really these psychos actually believe that. I should probably listen to this guy since he pisses leftards off so much but I just don't have time.

Well.... if you call yourself an Occupier, then you are free to destroy property and shit all over your city. Just saying it's clear it's a free for all.

The OWS fucktards actually are proving they are wrong with their own words...
"The Assembly announced the three-day menu crackdown announced earlier in the day -- insisting everybody would be fed something during that period. Some protesters threatened that the high-end meals could be cut off completely if the vagrants and criminals don’t disperse. Unhappiness with their unwelcome guests was apparent throughout the day. “We need to limit the amount of food we’re putting out” to curb the influx of derelicts, said Rafael Moreno, a kitchen volunteer. A security volunteer added that the cooks felt “overworked and underappreciated.” Many of those being fed “are professional homeless people. They know what they’re doing,” said the guard at the food-storage area."
Here's the gist.... these are the people who think we all need to share and be equal and now they are getting pissed because they are working hard and freeloaders are taking food from them they did not even pay for. LOL... no really LOL!!!!!

Wait.... for 9 years when I had no insurance I could not even get a fucking Z Pack for a sinus infection without spending a few hundred bucks....but some terrorist Muzzies get free healthcare in an American hospital on MY FUCKING DIME????? WHAT??? Injured Libyan Fighters to Receive U.S. Medical Care.....

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