Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday News Round Up

Occupy Wall Street getting evicted from the privately owed park where they have been screwing and doing drugs for 27 days. Should be fun.

Instead of answering a question posed to him, Obama responds to Ed Henry, Fox News WH reported with a snarky and very childish little,"I didn’t know you were the spokesman for Mitt Romney.” The guy acts like he's in Jr. High.

Nancy Pelosi is a psychotic lunatic....we all knew that. But even for her this is absurd. She actually implies that because Republicans do not think we should be subsidizing abortions with tax payer dollars, that we are subjecting them to,"dying on the floor". WTF?

Well the Occupy Wall Street kooks sure have found some winners to support their cause! Ayatollah Ali Khamenei just thinks they are awesome!

Green Agenda book pulled from Michigan schools because..."this book has some wonderful things in it, it also has some things in it that are not appropriate. There are some other pieces in there that are not based on fact.” Wouldn't want to base a book on facts or anything.

What passes for NORMAL @ Occupy San Francisco.

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