Thursday, November 17, 2011

Black Friday Backlash

Good for Anthony Hardwick, the Target worker who started an online petition to bitch about Target requiring workers to report for their job on Thanksgiving night.

I USED to go shopping on Black Friday. I never went with an agenda, I just went and if I scored a good deal...then so be it. I never hit anyone, yelled at anyone and most of my time was spend humming Christmas carols and smiling at the freaks.

Look....the companies have a right to open early. Hell they can be open 24/7/365. I could really care less, because I for one will refuse to endorse it by withholding my money from them. On Thanksgiving and Christmas stores should be CLOSED. NO ONE should have to work those two days. People need time off to enjoy what they work all year for. It is TRADITION. And they are pooping on American tradition. So Target, you'll not see a dime from me this holiday season, not one.

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