Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dumb Broad Of The Week Award: Oakland Mayor Jean Quan

The Mayor of Oakland California may be one of the dumbest broads to ever draw breath.

"If protesting for weeks on end were not enough, Occupy Oakland is now organizing a general strike to “liberate Oakland and shut down the 1%” — and sadly, Mayor Jean Quan seems to be on board. The City of Oakland has advised all businesses to “leave the cash drawer empty and open after business hours” and has even given all city employees off — except the police that is."
Yeah all city employees except the cops. She's a crazy bitch. Read the whole article and tell me she has any right whatsoever to hold public office. She should be locked up in the nut ward. If that doesn't do it for you try this:

So... according to all these mayors and city folks and even our own president.....I can set up house anywhere I want in the U.S.A and if I say I AM PROTESTING....they can't touch me? Right? I have my eye on some beachfront property.

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