Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Bite Me Jerry Brown

Moonbeam is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Gov. Jerry Brown implores California voters: Please raise taxes on yourself.... Republicans blocked the efforts of California Gov. Jerry Brown to fix a budget crisis through more tax revenues. So his new plan is to go straight to voters in 2012.
This POS wants us to FURTHER raise taxes in this already over taxed state. When our taxes already are being pissed away on illegals and more illegals. Our roads suck, our freeways are a mess. Our schools suck and businesses are leaving at a rapid rate. (Amazon.com Internet tax anyone??)

This is the SAME man who claimed as he ran for Governor that: "We have enough wealth to continue to have a great university and get every kid into this school that can qualify. Now when I say every young man and young woman, I mean everyone – whether they are documented or not. If they went to school, they ought to be here.-Jerry Brown" [Brown Rally, 10-16-10]

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