Thursday, December 08, 2011

Just Another Day In Obamaritaville

Just another day in Obamaritaville....searchin' for my lost country and Galt.....

Where to begin....The staffers at Democratic Congressman Rick Larsen's D.C. office in Washington State’s 2nd District, have so little to do on the job, they have decided to play Congressional Staffers GONE WILD! Tweet-a-Palooza..."the tweets were made (and are continuing to be made) from personal – not official congressional – accounts, the messages describe on-the-job drinking, frivolous misuse of office time and resources, and contain public insults aimed at the boss himself – Congressman Larsen." Nice.

In Holder-Land...apparently lying is just a "state of mind". J-A-I-L. HOLDER BELONGS IN JAIL. This video is OMg worthy. Fast and Furious is NOT GOING AWAY.

Obama best buddy Jon Corzine cannot account for well over a BILLION dollars in other people's money through MF Financial. If his last name were Maddoff he'd be in jail already. Guess where Obama and Biden get their financial advice from?

While Obama hurries off to a 17 day vacation in Paradise....Terrorists said to be infiltrating military....but don't worry if Obama is somehow detained, Michelle and the girls will head to Hawaii early at the cost of THOUSANDS extra to the taxpayers.

OMg another corrupt scum sucker in Obamaville! GOP questions ‘two-month gap’ in Kagan’s health care involvement.

So Iran get's our most super secret spy plane and Obama says...oh well, we can't piss off the Iranians.


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