Thursday, January 12, 2012

Soldiers Peeing On Dead Enemies

Let me get this straight. And Occupy Wall Street freak can crap on a cop car and it's freedom of speech. But some soldiers piss on the dead bodies of animals who tried to kill them and it's "immoral"?

Now let me be clear, I think that whoever took the video is a dumb ass. These soldiers need to learn to NOT take pictures or video. Additionally I like to think we're above THEM and this kind of behavior is not exactly endearing. But frankly I can hardly blame them. Really. The Islamic nutters have no problem beheading woman and children and running around with the head laughing and celebrating. Makes a little pee kinda moot.

Of course the Muzzies are all up in arms over THIS. Heaven forbid they get all up in arms over this, this or this.

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