Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Voter ID

Eric Holder has got to be one of the most corrupt, vile, disgusting objects to ever hold a public office. He also thinks YOU are an idiot. And by YOU I mean all of you, trolls included. Left, right, middle. He thinks you are so stupid you couldn't find a beer in a bar. Eric Holder is under the impression that WE, I mean every single American citizen, are incapable of rational thought.

Holder:"....when one looks at the negative impact of these photo ID laws and the harm that has on minorities, young people, seniors, and the balancing we have to do, I think we should think long and hard about whether or not these photo ID laws – in curing a problem that I don’t think necessarily exists and have a negative impact on the ability of people to get to the polls – is a worthwhile policy initiative.”
Who is this asshole trying to kid?

You need an ID to:
1.) Write a check. 2.) Open a bank account.

3.) Buy alcohol.

4.) Purchase smokes.

5.) Buy a house.

6.) Get food stamps (allegedly).

7.) Get welfare (allegedly).

8.) To get married.

9.) Fly on a plane.

10.) To drive a car.

11.) To fill out an I-9.

12.) To get a P.O. Box.

13.) Get a student loan (there's your "young people").

14.) In some states you need a photo ID to buy drain cleaner, cold medicine, spray paint and medical marijuana.
So fuck you Holder. There is NO excuse.

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