Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday News Round Up

So let's sum up this week....

Obama says that his ass kissing apology to the bastard Afghanistani freaks for something that needed no apology has "calmed things down". YET 6 American's have been slaughtered in the name of Allah. And the street riots continue.

Andrew Breitbart dies and even my own trolls think it's super awesome he's dead. A man who personified freedom of speech, fighting for a cause and who championed the causes the left pretends to give a shit about.

Gas prices are rising faster than a hookers skirt at a cop convention in Vegas.....But Obama's peeps think it's the bomb diggity. Yeah bitches, fuck oil let's invest in Solyndra.

In other news Debbie Wasserbitch-Cunt is hangin' with terrorists just like Obama....keepin' it real bitches!

Romney! Romney! He's our man because some fucktards somewhere said so.

Asking someone to prove they can legally vote in this country is RACIST!!!! YOU BASTARDS!!! RACIST!!!!

NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!! Food Truck Bill in SF says they gotta go! You see a food truck run!!!!

Yeah Obama has really made this a country to be proud of...for MICHELLE.

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