Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday News Round Up

Well holy shitinski's it's been quite a little week....

Murderous Afghani's are pissed off that an American murdered those that they would probably have murdered anyway. NO excuse for this asshole "soldier", but COME ON. Afghanistan is a shit hole filled with perverted backwards fucktards who kill over the color of a poppy. And now they are filled with RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION????? Fuck them. Oh and a big FUCK YOU to Karzai.

Santorum needs to go fuck himself. He wants to do away with internet PORN!!!! What the hell will my trolls do when they aren't here???? DAMNMIT TO HELL!!!

Bill Maher's misogynistic vile comments=GOOD. Rush Limbaugh's rather pointed yet truthful comments=BAD.

The "I LOVE ABORTION" chick really sucks. I MEAN THIS BITCH SUCKS. Who the fuck thinks like that? I have a uterus, so I am all for woman's reproductive health. But to say I LOVE ABORTION? Sick cunt.

Anti-Walker Wisconsin protesters defense for breaking the law is....they'd have gotten bored eventually. They lost and were fined. Justice prevails.

Apparently the totally secular holiday of St. Patrick's Day is evil. So evil that the NAME MUST BE CHANGED!!!!! It is now officially O'Green Day. The band must be pleased.

In Obama-Land you either KILL BABIES or you are FUCKED!!!!! Obama Shuts Off Low-Income Health Funds Because Texas Won’t Fund Abortion Providers.....

For my TROLLS:

Now's all been said.

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