Wednesday, March 07, 2012

This Country Is F*cked Up

First you have an AMERICAN high school that punishes it's students for chanting USA USA!!! after a basketball game because the other AMERICAN high school thought it was racist? WTF? Last time I checked we were still the USA. If you can't chant USA in the USA then things are definitely FUCKED THE FUCK UP. Just to be clear, the school reprimanded their students for chanting USA USA. In the USA. I just wanted to make that clear. Because apparently chanting USA in the USA is racist.

Then if that weren't fucked up enough and it is indeed fucked up, this bitch won the lottery. Half a million after taxes. She bought a house and a car. But she's still on food stamps. And what makes it so totally utterly fucked up is not simply that she is on the food stamps, but it's that she sees absolutely NOTHING wrong with still being on food stamps.

Another voter for Obama.

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