Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Beating Whitey Is Ok If It's For Trayvon?

For the last few years violent gangs of black youths have taken to the streets and beaten whites, killed them, raided stores and committed acts of violence and vandalism and most have chosen to ignore the issue. Even when the white beating victims are reporters for a newspaper....

100 strong group of black youths beat 2 reporters and cops don't give a shit because "It's what they do"(according to the police officer who responded). The local media buries the story for weeks and then when they DO say something about it, it's as an editorial rather than a news piece.
Is it a surprise that the owner of the paper is an Obama sycophant? According to comments I have seen many, clearly, black commentators think this is OK, because they were doing it for Trayvon. It's time to hold the media accountable. They have no problem whatsoever outing the Zimmerman's of the world, these violent thugs need to be held accountable as well.

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