Sunday, May 06, 2012

Why The Hype: The Aveneger's Biggest Opening Ever

I called my 'rents tonight to check in. Make sure they were doing OK and give them a shout out... so anyway, my mom asks me if I went to see The Avengers yet. I told her no I had not...but I was pretty sure I would soon. In my old age I like to wait for the die down on movies I only semi want to see. (On a side note movies I want to see desperately like the newest Star Trek had me there at 8 am waiting in myself because none of my friends are cool enough to appreciate Star Trek.)

Anyway, I digress....The Avengers is now the winner of the highest grossing weekend in movie history and my Mom asked me why I thought that was. Considering I watched Iron Man (I fucking LOVE TONY STARK EVIL CORPORATIST!!!!) last night on TV and rented the 2nd one today...I had a hypothesis.

My hypothesis is: People NEED a Super Hero these days. And the more the better. You've got Captain America, Iron Man, Thor.....HERO'S. Dudes who are so fundamentally what America used to be it's scary. Dudes who open the can of Wup Ass and bring it on. Having a total pussy of a President who placates our enemies and panders to the America haters clearly has brought out a need in the normal people. To see us as winners.

I look forward to seeing the movie.

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