Tuesday, June 05, 2012

California Primary June 5th 2012

Well I voted...as usual the leftards at my polling place sneered at my ballot. Totally typical. But this time I gave them a what for.

Not 10 feet outside the polling pool house was not one but 3 Nathan Fletcher for Mayor signs, big ones. I went in, got my sneers, voted then told them to do their job or I would. I know the law and political signs 10 feet outside a polling place are ILLEGAL. The led liberal pollster went out, pulled one out of the ground and leaned it against a bush. I watched, then walked over, picked it up, bent it in half and threw it in the nearest trash can. Just doing the job leftards won't do.

Oh and fuck you Fletcher you wanna be. Nothin' but a Union thug in "Independent" clothing.

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