Friday, June 15, 2012

The King Has Spoken, Well...NOT REALLY

The Megalomaniac in Chief, who seems to deem taking questions from the peasants below him, is completely off his mother fucking rocker. Obama is public servant. It was fine to scream, yell and shout and interrupt Bush on a semi daily basis (Reagan too....Diane Sawyer had little to say.) The leftards called him a murderer, call him a terrorist, those were the nice ones. This Neil Munro of The Daily Caller (which can HARDLY be claimed as some right wing shill), asked a very important question, one that matters to ANY thinking, feeling and financially strapped AMERICAN CITIZEN: How the fuck do you think this fucking bullshit will effect the MILLIONS of Americans out of work or barely working you stupid cum sucking twat of a President....except Neil stated it more...nice like.

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