Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Black Flash Mobs....Thanks Al

Why is this being ignored?

'Flash rob' targets Troutdale Albertsons...."This was one of several flash rob-style robberies being investigated in the Portland Metro area over past months."

300 black kids raid a local Wal-Mart, loot, steal, pillage and rob.

This IS about race. I do not remember these kinds of mobs in this kind of level happening BEFORE Obama was elected. Yeah they happened but not this often. I could post a hundred incidents alone in the last 3.5 years and maybe 3 before that.

If someone wants to argue to me that this isn't an entitlement mentality then just try. It's time to round these mother fuckers up and put them and most especially their parents in jail where they belong. This kind of thing has a way of fomenting and growing and clearly it is. And with a pussy whipped media who covers and protects...it's time to address the situation for what it is. These kids are the product of Democrat's. These kids are the product of the type of society OBAMA wants to make this entire country into. I look at these video's and see an almost 9/11 aspect to it. These kids are the blade wielding terrorists and we're the captive passengers. Todd Beamer had a point. Let's go to Wendy's.

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