Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4TH Of July!

After spending most of yesterday in the Oncology department of the local hospital, today I am going to just relax. (My Dad was in getting a fucking bone marrow biopsy....fucking cancer bullshit better not fuck with my Dad.) I'm thinking a few hours of the NCIS Marathon, followed by a nap, followed by a good book on my patio with a couple of cold ones. And some bacon.

I hope everyone takes some time today to be thankful for what's left of our once free nation. And please, take a few moments to mourn the loss of our Constitutional rights and freedoms. Remember the old days when we fought against TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, when it was WE THE PEOPLE and not THEM THE GOVERNMENT.

Anyway, enjoy. I'll fight for her I hope ya'll will too. I love you America.

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