Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why Some Things Are NOT Political:The Joker

I gotta admit, I unfriended about 50 peeps on Facebook yesterday. Making the mass murderer in Colorado a political ANYTHING pisses me off. He is not a Democrat. He is not an OWSER. He is not a Tea Partier. He is not anything but a completely psychotic nut job from hell. Nor as they are trying to play him, is he "insane". It's very fucking clear, he knew exactly what he was doing. As I said to my husband earlier there is CRAZY and there in INSANE. This mother fucker was CRAZY. Oh yeah he's nuts as hell and anyone trying to make this political needs to step the fuck off. This isn't politics this is a man who is certifiably Manson. Smart as hell and looking for adoration. I will not ever name him again and nor will I post his insipid picture. We all need to realize there are some people who are fucking really and truly demented. Real lunatics. This guy is one of them. He is not stupid he's a brilliant mastermind from hell....and he should go I support sending him to gen. pop. and telling the people there that he's a child killer....and stepping back.

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