Friday, September 14, 2012

Not Voting Obama...Why?

Why would you not vote for Obama? Let me count the fucking ways.....

1.) Look at the inflation he's brought. This is ALL about his spending cannot pin this on Bush.

2.) Obamacare will bury us. If it wouldn't then why has Barry issue hundreds of waivers?

3.) Why did you support the Arab Spring Barry?

4.) You were warned days before the Libyan embassy attack and did nothing.

5.) Nanny state-ism has increased to unprecedented levels. See NY Soda Ban.

6.) The media has stopped being free and become state controlled.

7.) Our credit rating down graded AGAIN. Not once...but twice...super unprecedented.

8.) Race relations have been retrograded 50 years.

9.) No budget now for how long.....

10.) Shuns anything that speaks of bipartisanship.

I could go on.....

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