Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fact Check Obama

One of the more tense moments of the debate was when Romney confronted Obama on his hypocrisy regarding pensions...Romney, who took NO SALARY as Governor, called Obama out on his malarkey. And he was RIGHT.

"From the standpoint of a public pension, Obama is well-heeled.

As president, he will receive $191,300 annually for life — win or lose in next month's election — and receives a travel allotment as well as mailing privileges....In addition, Obama may be due a nice pension for the eight years he served in the Illinois Legislature as a state senator.

Illinois is infamous for its lavish pension plan for former lawmakers.

Romney only served one term as governor of the Bay State and did not take a salary, so he is eligible for nothing."
Hey Obama....check yoself before yo wreck yoself.

In other news:

Weekly Jobless Claims Drop Proves to Be Short-Lived....yeah clearly because Obama sucks.

Buyers remorse.....In full-page newspaper ad, 13 Iowa voters apologize for supporting Obama in 2008...

Obamaphone anyone? Welfare spending jumps 32% in four years....

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