Friday, October 26, 2012

So Let's Tally The Obama Regime Classlessness

Let's all take a moment to look at how absolutely ridiculous Barack Obama's campaign has truly become. And to remember that this guy is a heart beat away from the Nuclear Football.

Example #1: Big Bird. No really. The President of the United States of America thinks that Big Bird is a really big deal. In one day alone he used the Big Bird Attack over 13 times. A bird. From a children's show.

Example #2: Romnesia. Really? Hello Mr. President Jr. High is calling they want you back.

Example #3: In response to a question posed by a 6 year old child, Obama calls Romney a Bullshitter. No really. The sitting President of the United States of America responds to a question from a child with vulgar language. Keepin' it classy Shitcago style.

Example #4: A new add out by Team Obama compares voting for Barry as "doing it for the first time." I don't know how they found an actress that pathetic but sorry if voting is like your first time having sex, you should have consulted a professional.

Example #5: His comments at the debate on big ships and horses and bayonets was at best snarky, at worst the best he can do since he STILL can't defend his 4 years of ineptitude. Childish, pathetic and the behavior of an asshat.

Example #6: The sheer amount of time spent on shows like The View, Letterman, Leno and weird radio programs when our country is literally taking fire and the economy is still in the tank boggles the mind.

Example #7: Even the Chinese think he's sleeze....

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