Wednesday, November 07, 2012

How Obama Won

We all know the reasons why Obama should NOT have won. The economy, the partisanship, the illegal wars, the expansion of the racial divide, the joblessness...well you get it, the total shit hole this country has become.

So how in the world did this hack loser win another 4 years to ram it up our asses?

Let me give you exhibit A: A conversation with my 23 year old college graduate employee on Monday:

Me: So Timmy, you gonna vote tomorrow?

Timmy: Yup! Gonna vote for Obama.

Me: WHA???WHY?

Timmy: I owe him.

Me: Owe him for what? Me having to cut your hours because people aren't spending their f-ing money?

Timmy: No I owe him for my college education...I don't even have to pay back the student loan HE gave me.

Me: HE gave you a loan?

Timmy: Yeah.

Me: So Timmah, where exactly did Obama get that kind of cash?

Timmy: The Government.

Me: And Timmy, where does the government get that money from?

Timmy: Um...Oh...yeah. We'll still gonna vote for him anyway.

Me: < ----- Weeping for our future.

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