Monday, November 26, 2012

Snotty Liberal Elitist Morons

One of the perks of living in the part of San Diego that I do is dealing DAILY with elitist idiot liberals who think the sun shines out of Barry's ass and he shits rainbows and unicorns. By perks I mean severe annoyance.

So why am I annoyed? Let me share a story.

Couple walks into my store today. Husband and wife. Nice enough, they come in regularly. They ask me if we carry boxed Christmas cards and I tell them we don't and suggest a few good places they can go. One of the places is very high end and the wife (sporting her 3 carat diamond ring) bitches about how expensive they are****snort***. I make a side comment on how expensive EVERYTHING is these days and the husband latches on.

He says,"I know it's ridiculous the prices these days. Everything is going up!"

I say....and I really shouldn't because my work is NOT a place for politics, but I say..."Wait till Obamacare kicks in".

Wifey, who till that point was kinda just standing there perks up and says,"Oh we support Obamacare, it's what's right for this country!!!!!!". Man the bitch had some real conviction on that point. Now....I could have just shrugged and let it go. I mean these rich fuckers who probably have several off shore accounts are my clients, but me being me....

I say,"Really? You do know that it's a TAX and you do know who will most be effected by it right?" She of course kinda just nods and looks disgruntled...her husband says,"It's not a tax, it's a social program."

Let me stop you right there dear I did not kick his balls down his throat as I would have liked...I EDUCATED their asses.

"Yes," I said, "And who pays for the "social program", that is actually NOT a social program, but rather a TAX as outlined by the Supreme Court? I know as a person who runs a small company I have already cut all but one of my employees down to under 20 hours a week. As have most retail establishments. Most small businesses on the cusp, those with slightly over 50 employees will be laying off people AND cutting hours. Those people will not be able to afford rent, food or other necessities. All because of the TAX known as Obamacare. But it's all good, not much we can do about it now that people decided to vote back into office the biggest spender in American history."

Know what they said to me....****crickets****.....The husband says...."I didn't know."

He didn't know. He DID NOT KNOW. Oh fuck him, his wife and FUCK EVERY SINGLE FUCKING WORTHLESS COCK SUCKING PIECE OF SHIT that voted for this abomination we have in office. You reap what you FUCKING SOW. Didn't know. I can't help those who can't help themselves.

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