Thursday, February 07, 2013

Racist Lefty Ex Cop On Mad Killing Spree

Wow what a fucking nut job. Beside the fact that he's been in trouble in his own words since the first grade (EVERYONE HAS IT OUT FOR ME/ "I AM A VICTIM" mentality)...this cop killer, Christopher Jordan Dorner is a certifiable WHACK-A-DOOO!

Here's his rambling freak out of a manifesto in its entirety: READ IT HERE.

I love the anti-gun tirade that looks like it was written by the Obama administration itself and then of course his whining about poor Barry and how he gets no respect. LOL. Dude, where were you when they burned Bush in effigy and made a whole fucking MOVIE ABOUT HIS ASSASSINATION????

Looks like he's in San Diego now or at least wants you to think he is....ID Belonging to EX-LAPD Cop Accused of Killing Spree Found in San Diego. I hope they catch him and send him to the LAPD to take care of. I'm no fan of fucktard racist cops but this guy gives crazy a good name. And if his own account of his childhood is correct he's had a long history of hatin' whitey.

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